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About Jonny & Blanche

After emceeing shows solo at the 2013 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, Blanche "America's Sweetheart" DeBris and Jonny got chatting in a bar, and made a drunken vow to collaborate at some unspecified future time. The very next year, they had to put up or shut up when given the opportunity to co-host the Thursday night Movers, Shakers, and Innovators showcase, which they did again 2015, then moved to Saturday's Tournament of Tease, which they hosted together through 2018. After a brief video reunion during the pandemic, they returned to the BHoF stage as guest hosts in 2022 and 2023, but have never appeared on stage together outside of Vegas... until now. 


JULY 19, 2024


Burlesque Anitics & Shenanigans
Blanche & Jonny's 10th Anniversary Show
at The Laurie Beechman

What do you get when you cross two neo-vaudevillians—who have been infusing classic comedy with contemporary sensibilities at the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s annual reunion and pageant since 2014—with six seductive superstars performing their most sidesplitting stripteases? A night of hilarious sexiness (and sexy hilarity) that could only be called FLAPDOODLE!

10 Years Ago, two burlesque emcees took the stage together for the first time in Las Vegas, Nevada: Blanche DeBris , "American treasure, always high class," a Queens gal who moved out West, and Jonny Porkpie , the burlesque mayor of New York City, a Manhattanite by birth. These two city kids have been performing together for a decade, but never in their hometown… Until now.

For one night only, July 19 2024 at 7:00pm at The Laurie Beechman Theater, Porkpie & DeBris take New York by storm in FLAPDOODLE! Burlesque Antics & Shenanigans , celebrating a decade of delight, discord, and disrobing with a cast of burlesque luminaries including Fancy Feast, Burlesque Hall of Fame “Miss Exotic World” Best Burlesque 2016 winner Poison Ivory, Tansy, Tiger Bay, Veronica Viper, pickup artist Cashlee Banks, a special appearance by Jo Weldon, plus of course the eminent emcee duo of Blanche DeBris and Jonny Porkpie.

"The best comedic retro-vaudeville act we’ve seen in forevs." —J.D. Oxblood, Burlesque Beat

"You didn’t need to be a fan of Abbott & Costello, or even know of the legendary comedy team, to laugh at this rekindling of this classic routine." - Las Vegas Review Journal


Dead Sexy

Throughout the Halloween Month at The Laurie Beechman

As he desperately tries to bring his long-lost love back from the beyond, a psychotic scientist looks back on the terrifyingly tantalizing life choices that brought him to his evil laboratory (and cabaret space) for experiments in striptease.

A hilarious, horrifying, terror-filled, titillating (and perhaps even touching) tale of Love, Death, and Everything In-Between, DEAD SEXY digs deeper — six feet under — into the afterlives of the foxy fiends who haunt New York's stages in an arousingly alarming — and alarmingly arousing  — burlesque play.

Brace yourself for a frighteningly seductive night of theater of that's equal parts blood 'n' gore -- and bump 'n’ grind!


A Day on the Boardwalk,
A Night at the Strip Show

May 24-26, 2024 at Coney Island USA

Dateline: 1938! After shutting down NY’s striptease shows, an ambitious city official turns his prudish attentions to Coney Island, scheming to terminate the 10-in-1, the thrill rides, the midway games, and everything else the People’s Playground is famous for! It’s up to the Flim Flam Sideshow's house doctor, a boardwalk grifter, and a suspiciously silent merchant of wieners to thwart the pernicious politico … with burlesque! This new madcap frolic in the Marxian vein kicks off the Burlesque at the Beach 2024 season with an unprecedented 3 night run as part of MarxFest 2024.

As Harpo — who made his stage debut in Coney Island! — said: "Burlesque is a legitimate form of show business. It’s the audience that perverts it."

Classic comedy meets carny meets the ol' bump-n-grind in this burlesque tribute to the Marx Brothers starring Jonny Porkpie as the Groucho, Lady Scoutington as the Chico, Tigger! as the Harpo, plus Mat Fraser, Jo Weldon, Susie Dahl, Peekaboo Pointe, Audrey Love, Dutch Baby, Miss Coney Islands Gigi Bonbon and Miss Frankie Eleanor , and a special guest appearance by Adam Realman

Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Chrismas Carol

December 2024 at The Laurie Beechman Theater

Welcome to The Filthy Lucre , where the cover charge is exorbitant, the drinks are watered down, and management steals the performers' tips. What sort of money-grubbing miser would run a "Gentleman's Club" like this? Who else but Scrooge?

When the scantily-clad spirit of her former business partner returns from the grave, the "nudest Scrooge in history" goes on a tassel-twirling journey with the Ghosts of Burlesque Past, Present, and Future. Will this haunting bump-and-grind-through-time help bitter Ebeneza see the error of her exploitative ways? Of course it will. You know the story, but you've never seen it quite like this.

" Nudest Scrooge in history ... perhaps this 'Christmas Carol' isn't the best choice for the kiddies." - The New York Times

" If you like your spiritual redemption stories perked up with pasties and tassels , this is the Carol for you." - Time Out New York

" Heartwarming, scantily clad rendering of the old standby... a lively evening of entertainment." -Bob Krasner, The Villager

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