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About Jonny

A burlesque performer, emcee, writer, and producer, Jonny recently retired from a decade-long stint as a producer and emcee at The Burlesque Hall of Fame to focus on his first love: scripted theatrical burlesque shows. These shows—which include Off-Broadway productions of “Pretençión: un burlesque de cirque” and "Dead Sexy" (returning from the grave this October)—have been lauded as the “Best Burlesque” in NYC by New York Magazine and the Village Voice. His burlesque game show "The Naked Truth" toured to over 30 cities in 5 countries on 3 continents. After a celebrated run last December, his “Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol” returns to the Laurie Beechman theater for the holiday season, and his (2nd!) Marx Brothers homage “A Day on the Boardwalk, A Night at the Stripshow” can be seen this May as part of Marxfest 2024. He has, ludicrously, an MFA in Creative Writing for Children



Jo & Jonny's
Parlour Peignoir

Debuts April 27, 2024 at the Laurie Beechman Theater

A titillating new burlesque talk show where the conversation is as tantalizing as the performances.

Jo Weldon, headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, and Jonny Porkpie, purveyor of scripted striptease entertainments, invite you to step into their parlour for an evening of burlesque--in flavors ranging from glamorous to unhinged--and other live entertainments.

After unveiling their prodigious talents, guests in the Parlour will don decadent dressing gowns for an intimate tête-à-tête with their hosts, in which they might reveal more than they bargained for... and for a burlesque performer, that's saying something!

The debut edition of this performance series will feature burlesque by Cashlee Banks and Miss AuroraBoobRealis, Peekaboo Pointe with short films, stop motion burlesque, a Marx Brothers tribute duet with Jonny, Jo’s School of Burlesque Striptease Show & Tell, beatboxer AirLoom Beats , magician Patrick Davis , Magician and more .


A Day on the Boardwalk,
A Night at the Strip Show

May 24-26 at Coney Island USA

Dateline: 1938! After shutting down NY’s striptease shows, an ambitious city official turns his prudish attentions to Coney Island, scheming to terminate the 10-in-1, the thrill rides, the midway games, and everything else the People’s Playground is famous for! It’s up to the Flim Flam Sideshow's house doctor, a boardwalk grifter, and a suspiciously silent merchant of wieners to thwart the pernicious politico … with burlesque! This new madcap frolic in the Marxian vein kicks off the Burlesque at the Beach 2024 season with an unprecedented 3 night run as part of MarxFest 2024.

As Harpo — who made his stage debut in Coney Island! — said: "Burlesque is a legitimate form of show business. It’s the audience that perverts it."

Classic comedy meets carny meets the ol' bump-n-grind in this burlesque tribute to the Marx Brothers starring Jonny Porkpie as the Groucho, Lady Scoutington as the Chico, Tigger! as the Harpo, plus Mat Fraser, Jo Weldon, Peekaboo Pointe, Audrey Love, Miss Coney Islands Gigi Bonbon and Miss Frankie Eleanor , and more! 


Dead Sexy

Throughout the Halloween Month at The Laurie Beechman

As he desperately tries to bring his long-lost love back from the beyond, psychotic scientist Dr. Porkenpie looks back on the terrifyingly tantalizing life choices that brought him to his evil laboratory (and cabaret space) for experiments in striptease.

A hilarious, horrifying, terror-filled, titillating (and perhaps even touching) tale of Love, Death, and Everything In-Between, DEAD SEXY digs deeper — six feet under — into the afterlives of the foxy fiends who haunt New York's stages in an arousingly alarming — and alarmingly arousing  — burlesque play.

Brace yourself for a frighteningly seductive night of theater of that's equal parts blood 'n' gore -- and bump 'n’ grind!

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